Traditions for Tomorrow

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The framework of the Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School family includes a number of dedicated administrators, faculty and staff members.They share their unique strengths, talents and knowledge with our students and families, while providing students with the best educational experience possible. Their countless hours of work are reflected by the success of our students, and the number of exciting opportunities that develop each time we welcome a new member to our school community. 

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    Bajon, Elizabeth Staff — Operations Manager more info Baker, Belinda Administration — Director of Early Childhood Education Staff — Director of Early Childhood Education Student Success Team — Director of Early Childhood Education more info Bello, Jacqueline Staff — Technology Coordinator more info Buzbee, Mari Admissions — Admissions Director Staff — Admissions Director more info Cannon, Tim Maintenance Staff more info Cassano, Tricia Extended Day — Director Staff — Extended Day Director more info Dawson, Alaine School Counselor — Lower School Counselor Staff — Lower School Counselor more info Domangue, Cecilia Staff — Upper School Receptionist more info Haldane, Christy Staff — Communications more info Johnson, Brooke Staff — Advancement Director more info LaBorde, Allyson Administration — Academic Assistant Principal Staff — Academic Assistant Principal Student Success Team — Academic Assistant Principal more info Landry, Leslie Staff — Lower School Receptionist more info LeBlanc, Duane Administration — Assistant Principal of Student Life / Band Director Band — Assistant Principal of Student Life / Band Director Faculty — Assistant Principal of Student Life / Band Director Staff — Assistant Principal of Student Life / Band Director more info Porche, Chris Administration — Principal Staff — Principal Student Success Team — Principal more info Romero, Jason Staff — Campus Ministry more info Seitz, Paul Maintenance Staff more info Spedale, Kristen Staff — Business Manager more info Umberger , Ashley Extended Day — Co-Director Staff — Database Manager more info Vinning, R.N., Cindy A. Nurse — School Nurse Staff — School Nurse more info Zylicz, Katie School Counselor — Upper School Counselor Staff — Upper School Counselor more info