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Home and School Association

All Our Lady of Mercy School parents are members of the Home and School Association (HSA). Some activities sponsored by the HSA include: Recycled Uniform Sale, Room Volunteers, Teacher Appreciation Week, Cafeteria Volunteers, Community Partners Program, and Faculty Fellowship Volunteers.

You may sign up for these and other volunteer opportunities at the following link: Volunteer Sign-Up

Our Lady of Mercy School adheres to the policies set forth by the Diocesan Child Protection Program. Please keep in mind that volunteer opportunities require the completion of the application, training, and background check required by the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge.  Detailed information regarding the Volunteer Certification may be found HEREThis certification must be completed at least two weeks prior to the volunteer activity.

Home and School Association Board

Andree Talbert, President,
Andrae Hebert, Vice President,
Elizabeth Weiler, Secretary,
Heather Gill, Room Volunteer Coordinator,
Kelli Guillot, Member-at-Large,


HSA Homeroom Coordinator Representative - Heather Gill

Homeroom Coordinators by Grade Level:

Little Saints - Shannon Mahon, Jovi Tomey, and Caitlin Stolzenthaler

Pre-K Grade Level Coordinator - Lauren Hidalgo
PK 1 - Kelly Bartley
PK 2 - Courtney Walker
PK 3 - Carly Billeaudeau
PK 4 - Rachel Parks
PK 5 - Kelli Guillot

Kindergarten Grade Level Coordinator - Stacey Halphen
K 1 - Sarah Orellana
K 2 - Christina Smith
K 3 - Adele Dalmau
K 4 - Leah Couvillion
K 5 - Candice Hernandez

First Grade Level Coordinator - Lexie Polito
1-1 - Ashley Montagnino
1-2 - Elizabeth Thornton
1-3 - Misty Evans
1-4 - Julie Robert
1-5 - Stacey Campesi

Second Grade Level Coordinator - Laura Snedigar
2-1 - Carole Osborne
2-2 - Bethanie Willmann
2-3 - Heather Landry
2-4 - Camille Conaway

Third Grade Level Coordinator - Michelle Trahan
3-1 - Candice Knipe
3-2 - Elizabeth McKnight
3-3 - Monique Juban
3-4 - Julie Trahan

Fourth Grade Level Coordinator - Noelle Young
4-1 - Brittany LeBlanc
4-2 - Kristen Spring
4-3 - Joyce Mulkey
4-4 - Ginger Rabb

Fifth Grade Level Coordinator - Mandy Hoffman
5-1 - Michelle Schroeder
5-2 - Christy Haldane
5-3 - Ashley Gautreau

Sixth Grade Level Coordinator - Dawn Beale
Lisa Catalanatto
Lori Mouton

Seventh Grade Level Coordinator - Corey Toups
Angela Hammett

Eighth Grade Level Coordinator - Dawn Beale
Evelyn Maher
Tiffany Terrell
Wanda Gawarecki