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Mid Term Exam Schedule/Early Dismissal Procedures

Dear Parents of 5th - 8th grade students,

Due to midterm exams, students in grades 5 - 8 will be dismissed at 11:00am on both Friday, December 15th and Monday, December 18th.  To help expedite the dismissal process, please make note of the following:

*Exam Schedule


Wednesday, December 13
6th and 8th grade - Religion 
7th grade - Writing


Thursday, December 14
6th and 8th grade - Writing
7th grade - Religion



Friday, December 15
5th grade - Math 
6th - 8th - Math and Social Studies

Monday, December 18

5th grade - ELA
6th - 8th grade - Science and ELA

*Students in grades 5-8 will be dismissed at 11:00 am on both days. There will be no bus service for 5th-8th grade students on exam days.

*Exam Day Early Dismissal Procedure -  ALL 5th - 8th grade students should be picked up through the church carpool line, regardless of normal end-of-the-day dismissal method.  Please review the procedure for church carpool on our school website and make sure your carpool number is showing clearly in your front windshield. If your child is not familiar with his/her carpool number, please contact our office to obtain that information.
If your student is finishing an exam when you get to the front of the carpool line, we will ask you to pull into a parking spot and will send out your child when he or she finishes the test.
If your child will be leaving with someone other than a parent or guardian, please provide written notification to the office in advance.
Carpool will close at 11:30 am
. Please make every effort to arrive before that time.

*Extended Day Option - For students who are already registered to utilize the Mercy Extended Day Program, we will offer special extended day services for 5th-8th graders on Friday, December 15th and Monday, December 18th starting at 11:00 am and running until the normal ending times of 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm.  In order to attend extended day for one or both dates, you must notify us by Monday, December 11th by 3:30 pm so that we can adequately provide staff.  Click here to notify us that your child will utilize Extended Day on Exam Days.  Students will be required to bring lunch, and study spaces will be provided on Monday afternoon.  
*Please note, this is offered in addition to our regular extended day program that will continue to operate normal hours for our PK-4th grade students on those days.  If you are not already registered in the Extended Day Program and wish to do so, please contact Mrs. Tricia Cassano in our main office.  Students must be enrolled at least 24 hours in advance to utilize the program.

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