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March Principal's Update

March 18, 2019


Dear Mercy Families,

Spring is almost here and the end of another school year is quickly approaching. Students are mastering the final grade-level skills necessary for academic success, and we are pleased with their progress. As we come to the close of one school year and begin planning for the next, we reflect on the growth of our 8thgraders and feel confident they are ready for the next phase in their academic journey. We are also eager to welcome new Blue Jays to the nest so that they too, may receive the skills necessary to grow in faith, love, and knowledge. 


During busy times we should never lose sight of our purpose and mission; we are a Catholic school centered in Jesus Christ striving to provide each student with a foundation of prayer, knowledge and service. We have been blessed abundantly! We should never take for granted how truly blessed we are here at Our Lady of Mercy. We need to pause and be thankful, while finding the courage to be better, for our most precious gifts, our children. This Lenten season take a moment to ponder, how can I be a better leader, teacher, parent, role model, etc.? The church will give us guidance through prayer, fasting, and service!


I ask that each of you continue to pray for our school every day. Take time to search your heart to discover the worldly things that might hinder us from being the best we can be for our children. Consider ways that you can get involved in our community to be that positive role model our students need. 


Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to the upcoming year-end events, as well as the Auction and Fair, and the opportunity for fellowship with everyone. 


God bless,

Chris Porche M.Ed.


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