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Child Nutrition Free Breakfast & Lunch

The Child Nutrition Program is offering FREE lunch and breakfast to all students regardless of status through May 2021. Students must opt for the whole meal in order for it to be free. If a student only orders a milk, they will be charged.

Starting Monday, October 12th the cafeteria will be providing a grab-n-go breakfast to every student at no cost. This federal program will last for the remainder of the first semester. The breakfast will be brought to the student’s classroom each morning and our plan is to provide them for your child’s mid-morning snack. Below is the information provided to us by school food service program:

Q: Why school breakfast?

A: Children who eat a well-rounded breakfast of whole grain, protein, and a fruit or vegetable are shown to perform better in school both mentally and physically. When bellies are full, attention spans are longer, and behavior is improved.

 Q: What types of foods are offered for school breakfast? 

A: School breakfast contains foods like milk, fruit juice, cereal bars, meat, pancakes, pop tarts, fresh fruit, string cheese, and muffins. Breakfast will be served in “Grab & Go” style at student drop off or in the classroom.

 Q: Who can participate in the program & how much does it cost? 

A: It’s FREE to any student who attends our schools!

This an optional program, therefore, if you wish to still provide your child with a snack from home you are free to continue.

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