Camp Blue Jay

We are so excited to begin registration for CampBlueJay! For all things CampBlueJay, we are using a new program called Homeroom. To begin the registration process, click the link below. You will need to add a registration fee per child to your cart. You will also need to add as many Weeks per child needed. For example, please add two Week 1’s to your cart if you plan to have two children attend CBJ during Week 1.

If at any point you find yourself off of our OLOM CampBlueJay Homeroom page, please type Our Lady of Mercy in the ‘Find your school’ search bar at the top of the page. Click our school and you’ll be directed back to our page.

Once all registration fees, weeks, and extended day (if needed) are added to your cart, you’ll be prompted to create an account. From there, you’ll be able to specify which children are attending per week, add additional info, and complete your registration. 

We are currently only collecting the registration fee. Please add all possible desired weeks/XDay of CBJ to your registration as we may need to waitlist certain grades.

We have so many great activities planned and can’t wait to have an amazing summer at CampBlueJay!

Questions? Please contact our Director at

Camp Blue Jay Registration