Student Life

Middle School

English Language Arts

In 6th grade ELA, students gain a deep appreciation for literature, foundational writing skills, grammar, vocabulary, and critical thinking abilities. The curriculum covers parts of speech, punctuation, usage, and literary analysis of short stories, poetry, and novels. Through reading, annotation, projects, and collaborative activities, students enhance comprehension and essay writing skills.

In 7th grade ELA, students deepen their literary comprehension, refine writing skills, and explore diverse themes. Students craft essays aligned with thematic readings. Thematic units encourage critical thinking, close reading, annotation, and journal writing, facilitating interactive engagement with texts. 

In 8th grade ELA, students delve into diverse literary genres, enhancing critical thinking and comprehension through fiction and nonfiction texts. They focus on multi-paragraph compositions, research papers, and various writing formats, emphasizing MLA formatting, source citation, and information literacy skills. Grammar, vocabulary, literary elements, discussions, and independent reading are emphasized.


The 6th-grade math program introduces fundamental mathematical concepts, including ratios, proportions, integers, algebraic equations, and geometry for 2D and 3D shapes, emphasizing problem-solving and operations with decimals and fractions.

In 7th grade math, students refine skills in fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability while focusing on problem-solving, reasoning, and number theory. The 7th-grade honors math class advances rational numbers, ratios, percentages, equations, geometry, statistics, graphing, and problem-solving in real-world contexts.

Pre-Algebra prepares students for algebra and geometry, covering scientific notation, exponents, linear equations, systems, and basic geometry with an emphasis on problem-solving and reasoning. In the Pre-Algebra Honors class, students delve deeper into rational numbers, equations, graphing, geometry, and problem-solving with an emphasis on critical thinking.

The Algebra honors class is designed for accelerated 8th-grade students aiming for advanced mathematical studies, covering algebraic concepts, equations, functions, exponents, polynomials, and problem-solving, preparing them for higher-level math and practical applications.

Social Studies

Each grade’s Social Studies curriculum covers crucial historical periods with a focus on essential skills.

In 6th grade, students explore ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome) using the GRAPES framework (geography, religion, achievements, politics, economics, society). This study aids in understanding cultural interconnections and their impact on modern society. Instruction involves various methods like direct teaching, videos, learning stations, and critical thinking development.

In 7th grade, American history from colonization to the Civil War is the focus. Students analyze key figures, places, and events while enhancing geography, cause-effect reasoning, and analytical skills. Emphasis is on debating historical issues, researching, and honing writing abilities for future success.

In 8th grade, Louisiana History delves into state symbols, geography, government, economics, and cultural elements. Topics span from early settlement to modern issues like coastal erosion and economic impact. Objectives encompass skill development in writing, time management, critical thinking, and technology integration for varied learning experiences.


6th Grade Science focuses on Physical Science. Chemistry related topics include properties of matter, atomic theory, elements, the periodic chart, and chemical interactions. Physics related subjects cover force, acceleration, motion, work, energy, waves, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism.

7th Grade Science centers on Life Science, following the 5 E’s model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. Students study living things’ classification, cell structure, heredity, and human body systems through hands-on labs and scientific investigations, fostering a strong biology foundation and data analysis skills.

8th Grade Science delves into Earth Science, employing the 5 E’s model as well. The course surveys Earth’s structure, atmosphere, and the solar system, using inquiry-based learning, experiments, and theoretical understanding to build a solid Earth science knowledge base. Its aim is to cultivate scientific knowledge, critical thinking, and a passion for learning in students.